A Salcedo (VI), a small town in the foothills of Vicenza, in Via Roma 5, there is an ‘interesting private collection dedicated to the bicycle.

This museum is owned by Mr. Pasquale Loris , who was born in Vicenza in 1962, that as a child he was fascinated by collecting various kinds: baseball cards, coins, stamps, butterflies, minerals, fossils and more.

He was twenty years old when a family friend, a bicycle mechanic Breganze (VI), gave it to his father Francesco an old bicycle equipped with roller motor, model Mosquito 38. Loris was immediately fascinated by this two-wheeled vehicle that made triggers in him a passion to search for and collect other bicycle models. In a few years, his collection of bicycles and accessories is grown so as to produce a museum from July 2006 is open to the public.

Today the museum has a 150 square meter space in which they are exposed hundreds of historical bicycles models from biciclo Michaux dated 1863 up to the models of our time, along with various types of accessories, all related to the bicycle and its history such as t-shirts, vintage clothing, billboards, posters, books, catalogs, medals, lights etc.

E ‘can visit the museum free of charge at any time, reservation is required. Click here to book or to ask for more information!