“I could believe that some amazing mornings in the area of Veneto running along the mountains were my own invention. I remembered them incredibly white, incredibly sky-blue…as an absolutely happy blending of whiteness and softness. I thought it was a dream. These white mornings in Veneto with the mountains sight prepare nearly always as much incredible nights: unusual colours of the sky, moons that seem never seen before, stars sceneries raining upon the plain. I really think that hills of Veneto situated in front of the mountains on the other side of a flat country’s tract, are in the middle of a special and fortuitous natural combination that does not reproduce in different places.”

Guido Piovene

The area of Pedemontana Vicentina is situated at the feet of Asiago Plateau and it softly winds among hills and valleys with a large variety of landscapes and great panoramic views. Part of the wonderful landscape that characterises this area are the numerous Ville Venete such as Villa Godi Malinverni, the first work of the great architect Palladio, Villa Piovene of Lonedo in Lugo di Vicenza, Villa Capra in Sarcedo, Villa Giusti in Zugliano, Villa Capra Carretta in Carrè, Villa Ghellini and Villa Verlato in Villaverla, Villa Da Schio Cita in Montecchio Precalcino and the great Castello Porto Colleoni Thiene in the old town centre.
Inside the residences you can admire important cycles of Manieristic frescos of ‘500 of this region, from Zelotti to Fasolo.
In your visit must be included a walk in the historical villages of Pedemontana Vicentina; moreover you can comprehend history and culture of this area by visiting the rural churches or the ancient oratories full of art, such as the little San Giorgio church in Velo D’Astico, which contains a rare fresco by Mille, the wonderful little church of San Biagio in Grumolo Pedemonte, San Pietro church in Montecchio Precalcino and the great worship places, well known for miracles and appearances, such as the Santuary of Madonna dell’Olmo in Thiene.

The area of Pedemontana Vicentina preserves accurately its cultural identity, recalled during the several Historical Reconstructions characterized by period costumes, such as Thiene 1492 or The Relict’s Arrival in Zugliano.
Furthermore there are lot of testimonies of the Great War that was fought at the boundaries of the plateaus.
Some testimonies are shown in the specific museums (in Chiuppano, Salcedo and Tonezza del Cimone) and in the cultural ways in the villages of Laghi, Caltrano, Lugo di Vicenza, Lusiana and Zugliano, and in Tonezza del Cimone where is one of the four Ossuaries of Vicenza’s Province.
Besides this area has been a source of inspiration for several italian and foreign writers, from Luigi Meneghello, Antonio Fogazzaro, Mario Rigoni Stern to Hemingway and Brittain. They tell about everyday life, about the war that has left its marks on this area and about nature that delighted them.
Pedemontana Vicentina keeps several museums and special places for children, numerous ways and itineraries to go on foot, by bike or riding the horse, historical villages and villas; it is really an area to discover and it will give everyone an unforgettable experience!

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