The territory offers many typical excellent products enhanced in the several festivals that have them as the main protagonists.

Thiene is historically the land of Asiago cheese, whereas in the hills up to Bassano del Grappa they produce the famous wines of Breganze, as the Vespaiolo, the Torcolato DOC, but also the IGP Cherry of Marostica and the Olive oil.

The Torcolato and the Wines of Breganze Trail covers a territory full of gastronomic traditions and it offers dishes such as “bigoli co’ l’arna”, “torresani di Breganze” “porchetta zuglianese” , “rosto de usei”; all these dishes can be tasted in the several restaurants and farm inns of the area.

In the wide valleys of the Astico and the Posina streams but also in Tonezza del Cimone, it is possible to taste “gnocchi”, a sort of balls made of boiled potatoes, or the trout cooked in different ways. In the summertime it is possible to taste boletus mushrooms. On the mountains of Caltrano, Calvene, Lugo di Vicenza, Valdastico, Posina, Laghi, Tonezza del Cimone you can find numerous mountain pastures with the “malghe” (once the shepherds’ huts) where the famous cheese is produced.

In the highest hills chestnut-trees, also in their famous variety of “marroni” like those of Mortisa in Lugo di Vicenza, are grown, moreover, one can also find some rare and particular varieties of apple and pear trees in the area of Lusiana.

You cannot even forget the several varieties of cheese in their different seasoning, the potatoes, the new herbs grown in the fields, the cakes, the bread of Veneto, the olive oil, the grappa. Another typical product is the trout and the several couplings that you can eat in the many restaurants and in the Gourmet Conventions that take place the whole year long.

The typical products of Pedemontana Vicentina are increased in their value and “preserved” by the several confraternities engaged in the promotion of the pleasure and habit of tasting some important and characteristic products.


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